Stemming from a realization that places along life’s journey deserve to be more than memories, Charleston Map Jewelry came to be.

Our most memorable milestones never fade, and having a piece of jewelry that brings these moments back to life is a wonderful gift that Maddison Row South hopes to help curate for our brides and those special to them. With unique pieces that showcase local geography in the form of vintage maps, these wonderful treasures serve as reminders of unforgettable places we’ll forever keep close to our hearts.

From cuff links and golf ball markers to custom necklaces and earrings, Charleston Map Jewelry caters to all members of the bridal party, ladies and gents alike, who appreciate the allure and charm this picturesque peninsula has to offer. These gifts are timeless reminders of your perfect day, and can be passed down and live on through future generations, evoking your story and continually leaving your mark.

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