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Lea-Ann Belter

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lea-Ann Belter is known throughout the bridal industry for her flawless execution of impeccable quality.

Handmade in Canada, each of Lea-Ann Belter’s pieces are made to treasure. As a fan of her fine silks and lace, Maddison Row South is proud to carry Lea-Ann Belter’s bridal gowns, sashes, lace coverlets, and veils.


A favorite among our brides, Lea-Ann Belter's gowns also pair beautifully with long white gloves and make for divine choices among our budding debutantes.

At Maddison Row South, we have Amalia, Rowan, Brielle, Elara (and Elara veil), Esme, Opal, Goldie, Adina, Angelica, Esperanza, Florentia, Swan, Priya, Mia, Raquel, Anika, Sofia, Solaris, Mariska, Arden, and Sunny available to try

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