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5 Things Not To Do For Your First Appointment

You are engaged! Now comes one of the best parts of planning your big day – finding the dream dress.

As you have likely noticed, everyone and their mother already has advice on what to do to achieve wedding perfection, but, much like dating, it often takes kissing a few frogs before finding your soul mate.

With that said, we’ve puckered up for you and landed on the top 5 things NOT to do for your first bridal appointment.

Southern Protocol Bridal Appointment | Photo by Lindsay Fair
Southern Protocol Bridal Appointment | Photo by Lindsay Fair

Skip doing your homework.

It wasn’t a good idea in 9th grade and it is not a good idea now. Most boutiques have beautiful websites with plenty of information about their designers and offerings. Peruse styles and pricing so you can get a sense of what you like and what you are comfortable investing before you arrive.

Schedule multiple appointments in one day.

Especially for your first appointment, be patient with yourself and the process because we will cover some serious ground right from the start. After trying gorgeous gowns and toying with ensembles, it can become an overwhelming blur keeping it all straight from one boutique to another.

Also, the honest truth, gown appointments take effort – stepping in and out of gowns, sashaying for your crew, and trying different looks requires some stamina.  If possible, do no more than two appointments a day with a lite lunch in between, so you can enjoy the experience and come back swinging for the next round.

Bring everyone you know.

Speaking of entourage, less is more. Your friends and family will be excited and will want to be part of every moment, but be selective in who joins you for gown shopping. Too many cooks in the kitchen can be a significant source of stress and distraction for a bride to be trying to find her dress. Many brides come and look at a store with just one friend to narrow down their selection before bringing a larger party with them.

Bottoms up!

Pace yourself, pretty lady. Don’t get us wrong, we will do some bubbly and have a blast during your appointment, but buzzed dress shopping is begging for regret. Keep a clear head and celebrate finding the one with a cheers or two after your appointment. Besides, stepping in and out of gowns becomes a much riskier endeavor without your wits about you.

Wing it.

A little prep work goes a long way to helping you get the most out of your appointment. This is the time to come clean – tanning oil, lipstick and heavy makeup are no friends of a white dress. You will also be a little bummed if you arrive to your appointment without the essentials.

Worry not, we have a short list for your bridal appointment grab bag: pack a heeled shoe that you would normally wear (but wear comfy shoes to the appointment), a strapless bra, nude/neutral underwear (the bridal associate will see these several times!), and any jewelry you’re dead-set on wearing for your day.

Southern Protocol Bridal Dressing Room
Southern Protocol Bridal Dressing Room

Gown shopping is great fun and we are here to make sure your bridal appointment is a wonderful experience just for you. If you have any questions about what to expect and how to come prepared for your appointment, we would love to chat.

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