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Have Gown, Will Travel

Our Guide To Elopement Bridal Gowns

Shhhhh, we won’t tell! You’ve found the one and want to run off and get hitched. It may be that the big to-do, months of planning and long guest list with your second cousin twice removed isn’t what your happily ever after looks like, and we get it, bride-to-be. 

Elopements are a growing trend that are no longer reserved for star-crossed lovers whose families don’t approve. These are intentional, intimate affairs that focus on you, your partner and maybe a few close friends or family.

If you’re a purest, elopements may just be you and your person with your photographer as the witness. The most intimate of intimate celebration! 

Elopements also tend to be quickly planned. Whereas the average wedding takes upwards of a year to pull together, most elopements happen within 90-days of making the decision to tie the knot. 

More and more often, couples are also stamping passports and choosing exotic locales to make their elopements that much more of an adventure and story. 

With that said, choosing to elope doesn’t mean you should not have the dress of your dreams. Below are a few of our top choices for bridal gowns that you may order quickly and tend to travel well.  

The Holbrook by Lela Rose

Chic, clean and all kinds of becoming, this modern light-weight halter gown is an excellent choice for the elegant elopement.

Holbrook by Lela Rose
Holbrook by Lela Rose

Amsale’s Little White Dress Collection

Something old, something new, something...short? We are all kinds of obsessed with this lovely line from Amsale with a wide selection of sophisticated shorties and jumpsuits perfect for an elopement. 

Amsale's Little White Dress Collection
Amsale's Little White Dress Collection

Marni by Rebecca Schoneveld

Want a feminine, flirty, and super flattering lace gown? Check! The Marni gown gives a nod to classic bridal with a comfortable feel.  

Marni by Rebecca Schoneveld
Marni by Rebecca Schoneveld

Treasure by Lea-Ann Belter Bridal

This gown will give you something sweet to go with that free spirit with lovely lace over silk organza. 

Treasure from Lea-Ann Belter's Astrid & Mercedes Collection
Treasure from Lea-Ann Belter's Astrid & Mercedes Collection

Whether you choose to pack the house or get married by Elvis in Vegas, you deserve to feel like a queen on your wedding day. Let us help you find the one - book your bridal appointment online today

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