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New For 2019 – Bridal Gowns Featuring Contemporary Classics and Twists on Tradition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at Southern Protocol Bridal – love is in the air, holiday engagements have beautiful brides-to-be shopping for their wedding dress, and we have glorious new gowns arriving at our bridal boutique in Charleston nearly every day.

Having us to choose our favorite among our gorgeous new bridal gowns would be like asking us to choose our favorite child, BUT we can certainly speak to some fresh looks and twists on tradition that have us twitter-patted.

Lea-Ann Belter has us swooning over Portia with a unique, feminine take on the halter neckline and her version of the Meghan Markle with Mystique in soft crepe.

From Rebecca Schoneveld, we are raving over Reid featuring a stunning take on 3-D florals and Petra, the refreshed ballgown with modern floral Spanish Jacquard and, drum roll please, pockets.

Matthew Christopher sent us some sure-fire showstoppers in the Eliza gown with its distinct asymmetrical neckline and Emerson with divine detail along a delicious curve-loving silhouette.

Carol Hannah did not disappoint this year with her bold fabrics and signature draping. We are enamored with the iridescent Impasto gown combining favorite features from her most popular designs and Copic rocking stellar silk faille draping.

From Ivy & Aster, we were floored by the soft, fiercely feminine Emma gown alongside the ombre Skylar gown with a cool pop of color and subtle edge.

Finally, Jesus Peiro delivered on contemporary classics with a fresh take on the dramatic ballgown complete with the ultra-flattering cumberbund waist along with chic silhouettes that feature a single, striking detail.

As wonderful as these new gowns look on the runway, the real joy comes from seeing them on our belles-to-be! To see these lovelies and more for yourself, make a bridal appointment with us today!


What could make new arrivals any better? Making room for them! To clear some space, we must say goodbye to some discontinued designs, which means you have the opportunity to find your dream dress at up to 75% off retail price.

Our bridal gown sample sale only happens a few times a year, with the next scheduled for Saturday 1/26. Sample sale appointments can only be made by giving us a ring, so be sure to call at (843) 212-5160 to snag your appointment.

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