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NYFW: The Final Countdown to Bridal Market

Featuring Carol Hannah Bridal's 2017 Botanica Collection reveal.

In two short weeks several members of the Southern Protocol Bridal squad will be Big Apple bound for the 2018 New York Bridal Market.

It is no coincidence this annual event comes fresh on the heels of New York Fashion Week as it sets the trend for what is to come in bridal fashion from gowns and separates to sashes, veils and jewelry.

Do designers show up? In spades! Featuring intimate showcases, runway shows and new collection reveals, Bridal Fashion Week is the culminating point of a year’s worth of research, creativity, planning and preparation for bridal fashion designers.

The atmosphere is a palatable mix of apprehension over how the new looks will land, pride in sharing fresh creations, and pure, unbridled excitement. It is a rush of silks, suspense and stilettos!

Prior to market, our team spends countless hours and a few cups of coffee planning and prepping with the ultimate goal of selecting the perfect gowns and accessories that will round out our repertoire for the year to come. We analyze bridal fashion trends, assess feedback from our clients, and dig into emerging designers to get the best sense of what will make our brides-to-be swoon.

Of course, the best laid plans only get you so far as designers often surprise us with something new and unexpected that we simply cannot live without. Last year, this happenstance had us asking Jesus Peiro and Rebecca Schoneveld to join our designer family along with garnering gorgeous new beauties from Carol Hannah, Ivy & Aster, Lea-Ann Belter, Matthew Christopher and Romona Keveza.


What will we find for you this year? Follow along @SouthernProtocolBridal for sneak peeks as we see them. If you love something, say something! We always enjoy hearing from our belles and it may just help us narrow down what to bring home for our gold hangers.

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