• Maddison Row South

Love is not Cancelled - Chat with Charleston Wedding Experts on Microweddings, Minimonies & More

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Microweddings, Minimonies, Elopements...oh my! 

With brides pivoting to postpone or adjust their wedding plans during the pandemic, a magical trend is emerging with small, special soirees in lieu of larger affairs. 

But does moving to micro mean having to skimp or do without? Hardly. 

Maddison Row South joins wedding experts from Bella Bridesmaid and Sweetgrass Social for the happiest hour to talk through all things microwedding. 

From the basics of what microweddings are and how the Charleston wedding industry is adapting to make them happen to words of wisdom and motivation for brides-to-be moving forward with their big day on a smaller scale, grab the bubbly and tune in for Love is not Cancelled. 

Interested in learning more about the local wedding experts featured in this interview? 

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