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Sareh Nouri

As her wedding day approached, Sareh Nouri grew ever more frustrated, for she couldn’t find “the one” — a bridal gown that was at once sophisticated and traditional, ethereal and elegant. In desperation, she decided to design her own gown. It may be fate that the search for her own dress is what set her down the path to create her own bridal fashion line.

Incorporating the finest of imported French lace and Italian silk, Sareh Nouri works closely with her team of masterclass dressmakers on her couture creations. Each design is a handmade endeavor fusing traditional silhouettes with ethereal whimsical details so light, and elegant that they are ideal for today’s modern bride.

Maddison Row South is proud to carry a carefully curated selection of Sareh Nouri's bridal gowns including

Call me Fancy, Callalily, Narcissus, Blaine, Emma, Ren, Cosette, Brooklyn, Elsa, Mercer, Meryl, Naomi, Palermo, Tivoli, Emaline, Out of the Blue, Lotus, Greer, Best of Me, Yours Forever, Take my Hand and Until Next Time.

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