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Silhouettes To Suit - How To Find Your Most Flattering Fit

We’ve all caught ourselves picturing the big day… you know, being hand in hand with your love under a floral-adorned arbor in front of family and friends in THE gown. You have never felt more beautiful, and your wedding dress is every detail you ever dreamed come to life.

Now, it’s time to find that dress… so what does your wedding gown look like in real life? Maybe you have always imagined yourself in a full tulle-skirted ball gown, a chic fit-and-flare with a cathedral length train, or a boho floral lace that speaks to your inner wildflower.

The array of silhouettes and styles that wedding gowns come in allow any and every bride to feel her absolute best, but with those pesky personal insecurities (that no one else notices, by the way!) you may want a little help in choosing the silhouette that is going to stunningly flatter your shape.

We are on a mission to turn those insecurities into body-positive celebrations! Below are the Southern Protocol Bridal pro-tips and tricks to best flatter each body shape:

The Tall Bride

Lucky for you, any gown is going to bring out your inner-model as height naturally tends to do. Focusing on dresses that have some sort of fabric, texture, or shape separation will help to keep your body looking balanced while complimenting your height. Spring for a lace detailed bodice and clean skirt or choose a fitted style that’s going to accentuate your long torso.

SPB Pick: Lea-Ann Belter’s Splendor, Carol Hannah's Azurite and Jesus Peiro’s Andalusia (8040)

The Petite Bride

You will already nail that “scooped up in my man’s arms” money shot at the end of your big night, so you are already a step ahead! When it comes to your most flattering silhouette, you may want to create the illusion that you are not so “pocket sized” for one day. Leaning towards slimming, sleek fits with higher waistlines, such as an empire waist, will give your frame that length.

SPB Pick: Ivy & Aster’s Giselle, Lea-Ann Belter's Colette and Rebecca Schoneveld’s Chantal

The Athletic Bride

After trying on a few wedding gowns, you may be wishing your shoulders looked a bit more delicate next to all that lace and satin. The A-Line silhouette is perfect for you as it will follow your fit frame, while accentuating your hourglass shape. Going for a deep-V neckline or some thicker straps as opposed to a strapless gown will help your shoulders appear balanced with the outward shape of your skirt.

Alternately, you work hard for those Amazonian muscles and may want to strut your stuff on the big day. The halter or high racer neckline and open back really brings home the wow-factor on a toned bride.

SPB Pick: Matthew Christopher's Layla, Heidi Elnora's Shelby Rae and ROMONA's Unforgettable

The Curvy Bride

Curves do not mean you need to worry about compromising on gown choices, bride-to-be. One of the wonderful shifts we’re seeing among our designers, like Rebecca Schoneveld, is a wider selection of sizing on gowns at no additional cost.

With wedding gowns offering as much coverage as desired, you do not need to stress when choosing your dream dress. A solid starting point is to focus on a dress that draws attention to your waist, which is the smallest part of your body.

Do not forget about those shoulders! Choosing a sleeve that shows off your pretty neckline and shoulders is a wonderful way to flatter and show off your figure.

SPB Pick: Carol Hannah’s Kensington Skirt, Rebecca Schoneveld’s Kinsley, and Heidi Elnora's Ella Grace

Whatever your shape, you deserve to feel like a queen for your special day! If you have any questions about sizing or silhouettes, the Southern Protocol Bridal team is here to help. Book your appointment with us today and we’ll put these pro-tips into practice!

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